Full time web developer in a Latvian startup

C, C++, Delphi ..., Web-Programmēšana, Datu bāzes (PgSQL, MySql, MSSql ...).

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Full time web developer in a Latvian startup

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Iphone Photography School, biggest blog in iPhone photography niche is looking to expand the team and is hiring a full time web developer.

- Good knowledge of PHP
- Good knowledge of MySQL
- Understaing of WordPress
- Good understanding of working with APIs - REST API & etc.
- Excelent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & jQuery
- Understanding of Responsive design
- Basic knowledge of Virtual Server Linux - Ubuntu
- Good English communication skills
- Willingness to learn new skills
- Achievement and growth mindset

Here’s what we can offer:
- The ability to work from home
- Flexible work schedule and location
- Paid learning time (5 hours per week)
- Work that impacts millions of people

We believe that the biggest motivaiton for us is that our work is being valued by millions of people. Our blog is seen by more then half a million visitors each month and we have more then 5 million unique visitors.

We have a lot of plans for future and we hope that you are excited about doing things you haven’t done before, coming up with your own ideas and implementing them.

If you’re interested in this position – and if you could help us create and grow better – send an email to jurgis@iPhonePhotographySchool.com and I’ll try to set a meeting with you.

When applying please add your CV, links to work you have done and a comment about the timeframe for the project, link to your github profile and answers to these questions:

1) Why should we hire you as a web developer?
2) What are your looking to gain from work and what motivates you?
3) What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?
4) Is there anything else we should know about you?
5) When can you start working?

Applications should be sent in by Friday July 10th 12pm.
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Re: Full time web developer in a Latvian startup

Atbildēt basets » Ceturtdiena 10 Decembris, 2015 7:15 pm

Write on male if you are intrasted webiti@gmail.com
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