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C, C++, Delphi ..., Web-Programmēšana, Datu bāzes (PgSQL, MySql, MSSql ...).

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web programmētājs

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We work for an accelerator based in Austin, TX. We've developed a revolutionary platform that allows us to build innovative companies faster and more efficiently than ever before. We also build web games. We have great people, great ideas and we're funding many interesting projects. We are looking for programmers in Riga. Work will be from home as we grow and expand.
As a Senior Engineer, you'll gain amazing experience working on projects with some of the most experienced talent around. If you have no "Rails" experience we have a training period of 1-2 weeks that will help you develop these skills. Good starting monthly salary, contact us if you want to grow with us!

* Master Ruby on Rails programming (with an emphasis on web development).
* Knowledge of NoSQL databases such as MongoDB
* Knowledge of unit testing
* Good front-end production capabilities (HTML / CSS)
* Expert-level Javascript a plus
* Detail oriented and self-disciplined
* BS in Computer Science or equivalent

Like to have:
* Knowledge of Photoshop a plus
* Knowledge of Facebook Open Graph / API a plus
* Knowledge of AS3

If this sounds like a perfect fit for you, or you'd like to hear more about this opportunity, please send your resume / CV
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